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1996 Navette Custom Built Toy Hauler 30FT
Class A Diesel  |  RV ID 7707765  |  Slide Show  |  Big Pics  |  Weiser, Idaho
1996 Navette Custom Built - Diesel - TOY HAULER
This RV was custom built for the Kellogg's Tony the Tiger hot air balloon. We have invested more than 50k into it's restoration and you won't find a more unique head turning motorhome.,,It was a special order Navette built by BBC in 1996. BBC was taking the rv world by storm with hand built rv's. They were getting lots of exposure in MOTORHOME magazine and were featured in RV shows across the country and the special order from Kellogg's for the hot air balloon rv was the icing on the cake. This rv was built to be the companies showcase rv and no expense was spared from the custom embroidery inside the rig to the upgraded Ford 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel engine (over the Isuzu's used in the other Navette motorhomes). Tragically the owner of BBC was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma and this was the last rv the company made.,,A unique limited run rv can reach astronomical values. One of 12 1950 GMC Futurliners sold for $4 million in 2006 and is now being auctioned for the Armed Forces Foundation. If you miss that auction here is your chance to pick up the 2nd coolest rv on the planet at a few bucks less.

We purchased the TigerMobile after it had been retired along with the Tony the Tiger hot air balloon (balloon not included). It had been toting the balloon around the country for about 15 years when we got it and was starting to show the wear and it's age.,,

The biggest part of the project was repainting the rig. Since it was no longer a Kellogg's property all the trademarks including Tony the Tiger had to be removed. That left us with a silly looking rainbow rv. In addition years of off road flexing had started to cause some cracking in the fiberglass body and there was some leaking around the windows. So we decided to have it taken down to the fiberglass, have that repaired, seal the windows, replace the windshield and headlights and repaint the motorhome.,,

If you do some searching you will be astounded at the cost of repainting a motorhome. Through in a custom design, top quality paint, fiberglass repair etc... and it will blow your mind. Plus it took over a year and a half to have done.,,It did not have a smooth ride so we replaced the e tires with g rated tires, new rear brakes, replaced the shocks, air bags and the air bag compressor.,,

Mechanically we had diesel repair shops go though and work on the engine. They basically did a top end overhaul including replacing the valves, replaced the engine computer, rewired the engine, replaced the steering, replace the transmission and upgrade the transmission cable.,,It had two starting batteries and a coach battery, but we upgraded to three heavy cranking starting batteries plus two deep cycle extreme coach batteries. We also had a bridge switch put in so that if you find yourself in the Rockies in the dead of winter and need to start your rig early in the morning - no problem. There is also a cut off switch for both battery sets so that when it is parked there is no chance of you leaving something on and running the batteries down.,,I also had a backup camera installed and had a performance chip installed (mainly so that I would have a full set of gauges).,,

Inside we had new carpet installed, two leather flexsteel captain's chairs and a matching leather jacknife sofa. We kept the tony the tiger embroidery in the header and the tony the tiger mirror above the dining seating and the custom lighting throughout.

The garage has been set up so that you can use it as a garage or a bedroom. We often used it as a garage while traveling and then when the zodiac boat/motor, bicycles, lawn chairs, fishing gear and ice chests were removed all it takes is an inflatable bed and stand to turn it into a bedroom. Just close the curtains over the garage door and it looks like a regular bedroom.,,

The garage is ~6x7 - big enough for hot air balloons and loads of stuff - but not big enough for full sized road bikes. Since we traveled a lot with bike(s) we had a heavy duty bike carrier modified to mount extremely securely on the back of the rv. It allows you to carry a full sized bike off the ground behind the rv. If you need to tow a trailer or car behind you just use the center tow hitch (the extra ones on the side are for the bike rack). We added the power chip & gauges to make towing even easier.,,

I am not sure how to classify the rv - Is it a class a, a class b or a class B+. I do know that it's perfect for long trips with ~ 13mpg depending on what you are towing and with a 60 gallon diesel tank you can go about 800 miles between fill ups which is great for traveling out of the way highways. It has a propane generator with controls right next to the door so you can pull off to the side of the road, hit the generator button and microwave a meal without leaving the rig. Since it doesn't have a shower the large water tank lasts a very long time for the sink and toilet.

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